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Window Cleaning Service

June 18, 2017 Simply Clean 0

Pure Water Window Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Service.

Plastic Fascia, Soffits, Guttering & Conservatory Cleaning available. We can also clean mobile home/caravan exteriors and plastic decking.

Pure Water Window cleaning is also known as “Water Fed Pole” or WFP Window Cleaning for short.

This is a modern method of window cleaning. In this style of window cleaning, we use only Pure Deionised Water on the glass – no detergents are used to wash and rinse the windows, frames and window sills. Pure Water, is water which has been treated to remove any dissolved solids particles from the water. Tap water is full of these contaminates, which stop you being able to wash with water alone without leaving, marks, spots and smears etc. Believe it or not, but water from the tap these days in not “Pure Water”, but is full of impurities. The level of these impurities vary from region to region.

Pure Water attracts the dirt and particles leaving a fantastic finish and is environmentally friendly as no chemicals are ever used.

Each residential window cleaning customer has different requirements. Be it a one off, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or even yearly window clean, we are flexible and can work around your needs.

We cover Clacton and surrounding areas. Our prices are competitive and we always take into account your requirements before quoting our best price. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

If you would like further details you can contact Mark on 07545 192 357 or email us


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